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Sociologists: Can Your Work Aid People with Intersex Variations?

Associate Professor Tiffany Jones PhD, ARCSHS La Trobe, Australia There is a lack of affirming sociological research on people with intersex variations – those born with atypical sex characteristics (chromosomal, hormonal and/ or anatomical). This is despite the social change the group has been experiencing and contributing to. People with intersex variations have been engaging […]

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Masculinity So Stale: Cultural Narratives of Men’s Sexual Refusals

Dr. Joni Meenagh At the recently concluded TASA conference I presented a paper titled ‘Masculinity So Stale: Negotiating Sexual Refusals in Heterosexual Relationships’ (link to slides). This paper explored a rarely talked about phenomenon: heterosexual men saying no to sex within their ongoing relationships. I argued that the ‘male sexual drive discourse’ is so pervasive […]

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The Pronoun Dilemma

Dr Yarrow Andrew, Flinders University One of my dilemmas as an academic, and one who researches gender issues, is how to enact my beliefs and values as a researcher in my relationships with colleagues, students, and the wider public. I identify as non-binary, which to many people I encounter is a mysterious concept. That means pronouns […]

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Welcome (at last) to the new website!

We have had some enquiries about the upcoming conference. We have worked hard to make the concurrent sessions meaningful groupings of papers, and we will welcome feedback at, or after, the conference about whether this was successful. Each of the five sessions (we have no competing sessions) will have five presenters, and you should expect […]

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