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Call for Papers

Rethinking Critical Femininities: Feeling, Feminist Practice, and BeyondThis one day symposium aims to push beyond the diagnosis of femininities in terms of neoliberal individuality, to attend critically to assemblages of transformations in everyday practices, embodiments, and affects of femininities. The organisers welcome papers thinking through questions of feminism and femininities. September 13th, Melbourne University, Parkville. Abstracts due 15 May 2019.

TASA 2019: Diversity & Urban Growth: The theme of Diversity & Urban Growth has never been more relevant, and will form the theoretical, conceptual and empirical basis for this TASA conference. TASA2019 will have keynotes/plenaries from extraordinary scholars such as Maggie Walter, Rob Stones, and Deborah Stevenson. There will also be a number of innovative features at this year’s conference, including sessions with Indigenous peoples and events which seek to engage with the communities and civic structures of the region. November 25th-28th, Western Sydney University (WSU), Sydney. Abstracts & Papers due May 27.