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TASA 2018 – Special Sessions

Dear G&S thematic group members,

It is that time of the year – the time when we wonder what we will present at TASA in November. These are due on June 4th, which is coming up sooner that will seem possible.

This year we are pleased to announce two special sessions you may wish to be a part of in Melbourne.

Genders and Sexualitiesare collaborating with two other thematic groups, to do combined sessions which we hope will capture the sociological overlap between our particular research specialities.

  1. Collaborating with the Sociology of Religiongroup, we have a combined session for presentations dealing with some aspect of the tension (or the absence of it) between experiences of religions, and experiences of gender and sexual identity.
  2. Collaborating with the Mediagroup, this session will work best for those whose work researches sexuality or gender issues as they are represented or contested in the media, whether traditional media, or more recent digital media.

Both of these sessions will have, we hope, four paper sessions, with the addition of comments from discussants. There will be two discussants – one convenor from each of the two thematic groups supporting each session.

If you would like to be part of this opportunity, please indicate when you submit your abstracts, which session you would like to be considered for. Note that if your paper is chosen for one of these sessions, we will ask for you to provide some information for the discussants in the week prior to the conference (a draft paper, your powerpoint, or other key issues for discussion). This will not be compulsory, but will add to the richness of the discussion at these sessions.

We look forward to your submission,

Yarrow and Kythera (co-convenors)

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