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Welcome (at last) to the new website!

We have had some enquiries about the upcoming conference. We have worked hard to make the concurrent sessions meaningful groupings of papers, and we will welcome feedback at, or after, the conference about whether this was successful.

Each of the five sessions (we have no competing sessions) will have five presenters, and you should expect to speak for 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions afterwards. Depending on your session chair, this question time may be delayed until the end of the session, to allow for a collective question time. This was trialled last year in the old Families, Relationships and Gender thematic group, and was generally seen as positive. Most presenters will have some form of visual guide to their presentation, we expect, such as a powerpoint or Prezi. You do not need to upload these prior to the conference.

For those of you who contributed to the submission to the TASA executive about degendering TASA practices and procedures, you should know that we have received verbal feedback from the executive about this. While they were responsive to our suggestions, there was not a strong sense of immediate action, and this may require future advocacy, we would suggest. We will talk more about this at our G&S thematic group meeting, which is currently scheduled for 4-4.30pm on Wednesday 30th November. We hope to see many of you there.

We hope you will participate in making this website a meaningful site for collaboration among and beyond our thematic group members. We encourage you to submit blogposts about any relevant topic that you would like to engage with other like-minded sociologists on, in the hope of thoughtful critical engagement. We would also like to know about events, research projects, and other websites, that you think we could happily promote through out site. We do expect that all of you will aim to contribute a short piece for the blog over the coming year – see this as a chance for some low-stakes writing and discussion.

Yarrow Andrew & Kythera Watson-Bonnice (convenors)

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