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Welcome to the new Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group!

(post originally published 09/06/16)

My name is Kythera Watson-Bonnice, and I am one of the co-convenors of G&S, along with Yarrow Andrew. It is great to have a thematic group that is more specifically aligned with our research interests.

I am based at Swinburne University in Melbourne where I have been teaching a variety of sociology units for the past 6 years. My current research focusses on non-dominant forms of gender expression for cis women, and in particular those who embody more typically ‘masculine’ traits. When I heard that there was to be a new thematic group specifically for genders and sexualities, I was thrilled to become part of it. It was great getting to know many of you at the TASA conference last year, and I hope to meet more of you this year in Melbourne.

A couple of reminders – firstly, don’t forget to get your abstracts in for this years TASA conference in Melbourne. The submission deadline has been extended to June 17th, but the earlier the better! Speaking of the conference, we are working with the Families and Relationships Thematic Group to organize the annual “Queer Drinks”. All are welcome to join us. This year the drinks will be held at the Hares and Hyenas Bookstore/Café and you will be able to register your attendance when registering for the conference – so remember to look out for it!

Secondly, be sure to invite your colleagues to become TASA members if they aren’t already and ask current and future members with research interests that include gender issues or sexual diversity to update their membership to include Genders and Sexualities as one of their thematic groups. We are a new group, so not everyone will be aware of the changes.

The last few months have seen a lot of interesting events unfolding, including the Safe Schools program, Daniel Andrews’ apology for past laws that criminalised homosexual behaviour and Roz Ward’s suspension andsubsequent reinstatement. We would love to hear your thoughts and analysis on events such as these, as well as any other topics that you think may be of interest to the thematic group. We would like to invite you all to contribute to our new blog. We aim to publish regular entries every few weeks to help build andstrengthen our community of researchers.

Contributing to the blog will give you the opportunity to showcase your research with other aligned researchers, and tell us about what you are working on at the moment. We also welcome entries on any topics related to genders andsexualities, including quirky or unusual ideas that you would like to explore with other researchers informally, or to get feedback about any research or teaching issues that you may have on your mind (engaging students, methodological issues, research ethics, etc.). Ideally, blog posts would be around 300-600 words and we hope to get everyone to contribute at least one entry per year. The blog will be linked on the TASA website and promoted on our social media. Please contact either myself ( or Yarrow ( with ideas, or even finished blogposts. We’d rather these came from you, rather than having to lobby you for contributions, but we’ll certainly do that if necessary.

Lastly, if you have you have recently published a book or written a chapter within an edited collection, please let us know so we can share it in our blog and on Facebook and Twitter. And if you haven’t already, be sure to like our FB page and follow us on Twitter:

Best Wishes,
Kythera Watson-Bonnice

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